Mission / Vision


An association of committed and caring nurses who strive to uphold technical competence according to Christian moral principles through:
a) fostering and promoting professional and spiritual growth of its members;
b) participating in pastoral and community programmes towards the sick, handicapped and the elderly.


Nurses’ Pledge

We, the catholic nurses, believe in God as our Father and Creator, Jesus, our saviour and the Holy Spirit, our wisdom and strength. 

We acknowledge our Christian responsibility and practice the profession in accordance with fundamental Christian values. 

We have a duty to acquire an enlightened conscience about the ethical problems posed by medical and social developments. 

We take the initiative of protecting: – the lives of human beings and safeguard the unborn child’s right to life – the dignity of the old, weak and disabled, – the dignity of people with incurable diseases and those face death due to terminal illness. 

We believe that spiritual formation is an ongoing process throughout the life of Christian health workers.


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