Mission in our Backyard – Tanjong Balai Mission Trip

This is an Indonesian island off Singapore waters, 2 hours 30mins ferry ride via Harbourfront Centre. 
Since 2010, Founder, ‘Star of Love'(SoL), has contributed to 80 families. Catholic Nurses Guild and other groups of volunteers together with SoL gather at least four times in the year to go on a mission trip to this remote island where the people are economically down trodden. 
There are more than 80 families in this village. And the nurses together with the other volunteers provide the manpower to collect, send and distribute the donated items to the locals.
The nurses also provide some financial help. From their own pockets they sponsor each family S$35/- worth of rice rations and can foods as well as the children in their education. With this, the children will have the opportunity for a better future, hopefully, paving a better life for the family too.
If there are any nurses who would like to support this mission financially, physically or both, you are most welcome to.
Please contact JANET CHONG Tel.# 93210031

Annual Nurses Day Mass 2019..

They came with great expectation and faith, 200 and more. They heard of the event from parish announcements, friends or invitation on the web.

It was the annual Nurses Day Mass at the Church of Christ the King in August..
There were CNG members who were there to register them and greet them as they strode slowly into the church car park.
The Mass was celebrated by the Chaplain of CNG, Fr Johnson Fernandez who in his homily spoke of the importance of the nursing vocation and the need to be ‘givers’ all the time as Christ’s disciples.
Before the concluding of the Mass there was the blessing of Hands. The priest of the parish, Fr John Sim and Fr Paul Lim helped to pray and bless each individual nurse.
All present went up to receive this blessing. 
The Event ended with the buffet dinner which individual  participants paid. 

Stay tune for 2020 Nurses Day Mass!